Trip to Galapagos

Trip to Galapagos

In May I had the opportunity to visit Galapagos, despite being a part of Ecuador is a place where I had not gone before. The islands are magical and almost addictive, you do not want to leave that place, good waves, spectacular scenery, good food and more things that make your stay very pleasant. But the trip was not for holidays or at least that I tried hahaha …


Together with Jamie, we have decided that each trip we make must be an opportunity to make contacts for the ministry and to open a chapter with the help of God.

Then Galapagos could not be the exception and it was going to be the first place where we sought to contact a Christian surfer.

I did not know where to start, at 33 years old I have no experience in leading a ministry but I know that God can choose the vilest and despicable to extend his kingdom, knowing that I do not seem so disqualified.

I thought about visiting churches and socializing with people but in reality it was a plan that didn’t really match my personality. I am not the type of person who can easily initiate a conversation with strangers so that plan was not an option. Fortunately I remembered that I had a friend who was living in Santa Cruz: Juan Jose attended the CS Ecuador groups when they were held in Jorge’s house and he helped me contact the Hossana church in the Galapagos. Through him I was able to meet Pastor Jhonny from Santa Cruz Island and Pastor Wilson from San Cristóbal Island who are very happy and excited to help in the ministry and we are praying for some brave surfer to rise up and take the ministry in each of these islands to fulfill the mission of the ministry:


“Let each surfer and each surfing community have the opportunity to know and follow Jesus”

Help us in prayer and why not visiting our brothers in Galapagos so that the ministry in this magical place can be raised.